La NASLA se joint aux Présidents des Conseils Régionaux pour impulser la Décentralisation au Cameroun


Le Directeur Général de la NASLA conduit une équipe à l’Institut National du Service Public de Paris, pour une visite d’étude en vue de la mise en œuvre du Projet d’Appui à l’accélération de la Décentralisation au Cameroun

ARRETE N° 0023/A/MINDDEVEL DU 20/02/2024
ORDER No.0023/A/MINDDEVEL OF 20/02/2024

To launch a Competitive Entrance Examination for the admission of two hundred (200) trainees into Cycle “A” of the National School of Local Administration...

ARRETE N° 0024/A/MINDDEVEL DU 20/02/2024
ORDER No.0024/A/MINDDEVEL OF 20/02/2024

To launch a Competitive Entrance Examination for the admission of two hundred and twenty (220) trainees into Cycle “B” of the National School of Local Administration...

ARRETE N° 0025/A/MINDDEVEL DU 20/02/2024
ORDER No.0025/A/MINDDEVEL OF 20/02/2024

To launch a Competitive Entrance Examination for the admission of eighty (80) trainees into Cycle “C” of the National School of Local Administration...

Decree on the establishment of NASLA

In order to provide enough quality human resources needed in RLAs and thus continue the implementation of the public policy of decentralization, the Head of State, through Decree of 2 March 2020, created the National School of Local Administration (NASLA), a specific school, for training and perfecting local administration personnel.


The Head of State, known and appreciated by his compatriots for his considerable ability to listen to them, is fully aware that accelerating decentralization constitutes a strong expectation among the people in order to achieve shared social progress.

Providing professional training in the areas of competence and specialities of local administration

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01 Initial Training


the Diploma Initial Training programme provided by NASLA, which runs for two (02) academic years, aims to prepare learners for local administration jobs. It comprises three (03) cycles, for which admission is gained through entrance examinations: Cycle A, Cycle B and Cycle C. 

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02 In-service Training


For a period of six (06) months and at least three (03) months, the In-service Training programme provided at NASLA comprises the following three (03) cycles, tailored for professionals or future professionals, coordinating and executing functions within RLAs


03 Specific Training


With a duration of less than three (03) months, it is open to the general public without restriction and focuses on specific themes, organised around nine (09) modules relating to decentralization and local development.


04 Applied Research


The NASLA Research and Documentation Centre (CRD) is a centre for applied research in the area of Decentralization and Local Development. A journal in which all researchers can publish their research results will be launched in the near future.



Training programmes supervised constantly in personalised synchronous and asynchronous modes. This is adapted for learners who desire
to remain in control of their schedule which is generally overwhelming.


Cameroon's development will be played out on the table of decentralization
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Read the testimonials of those who have trusted us. Examples to follow in order to boost your performance in your day-to-day work.

Mon passage à la Nasla a été l'un des plus marquants au vu des souvenirs que j'ai gardés : un climat jovial et détendu entre apprenants et encadreurs, une oreille attentive à chaque fois qu'on se sentait buté à une difficulté, des cours assez traités et bien présentes pour les travailleurs que nous sommes, mais surtout le caractère Bilingue de chaque enseignant. S'il fallait revenir, c'est avec enthousiasme que je le ferai.
I chose NASLA because of its prestigious nature and equally because of the efforts and strategies the school implements to provide appropriate trainings to municipal staff! I leave satisfied! NASLA is a great opportunity for all those who wish undergo training, given that, the school promotes the role of secretary general. If I were permitted to return to NASLA as a student, my career choice will be a territorial development specialist! It is a profession which puts you at the heart of the decentralization process. I advise all those who wish to undergo training at NASLA to choose to be on campus in order to make the most of the training content. On-line training is difficult, especially for those who work, given that schedules do not always take it into consideration.
Essombe Mouasso Alvine
Being part of the first graduating batch of NASLA, I feel, on this day professionally competent in the management of local affairs. My sojourn at NASLA has given me the opportunity to effectively contribute to the putting in place of policies governing decentralization. I call on council staff to take advantage of the different Training Programmes offered by NASLA so they can become more professionally equipped in order to boost efficiency in their place of work. I solicit local elected officials to collaborate with NASLA in order to better guide NASLA on options and professions which have a direct impact within their RLAs.
Fadimatou Bakari
I chose NASLA because of the desire to boost my skills, through its In-service Training Programme for senior Executives of Local Administration and Social Policies. I chose this field because the Executive gives me the opportunity to engage in decision making and be part of strategic meetings. One striking aspect of NASLA is the quality of their teaching modules and the sharing of experiences. I would advise anyone who wishes to undergo training at NASLA, to choose the short-term Specific Training Programme or the Diploma Initial Training Programme.
Ongandzi Pascal